Kurtis Vandevrie

Professional Drummer

Are you looking for a Live Performer for an event? How about a session drummer for your next recording? Based out of Hamilton Ontario, Kurtis Vandevrie has the talent you need to make your next project succeed.

  • Over 13 years Experience

    Over the past 16 years Kurtis has mastered a variety of drumming styles including Funk, R&B, Jazz, Rock and Pop.

  • Professional Instructor

    Not only a live perfomer and session player but also an instructor. Kurtis has taught a variety of students from across the globe how to drum and is always welcoming of new students.

  • Musical Collaborations

    Kurtis has performed with other professional musicians including:

    • Ray Lyell
    • Pat Collins
    • Levi Randall (Vacay)
    • Adrian Farrugia
    • Greg Sykes
    • Fergus Marsh
    • Cory Lacy
    • Tony Lind
    • Cheryl Dickson Neal
    • Ken Vandevrie
    • Brandon Vandendool
    • James Bloemendal

  • Community Involvment

    Kurtis has worked with many organizations, in order to enhance the music community in his local cities. He has participated in or volunteered with:

    • High School Jazz Workshops
    • Playing and Explaining Fundamentals of Jazz Music
    • Burlington Student Theater
    • Lakemount Worship Center
    • Mohawk College
    • ADS Media
    • InnerCity Highschool

Kurtis has been using Los Cabos drumsticks exclusively for the past several years. As part of the Los Cabos family of artists, whether practicing at home or performing on the road, Los Cabos drumsticks are his first choice.

Live Perfomance

Providing the rhythm and drive that your next live performance needs to elevate it to the next level.

You may have already heard me performing at events such as:

  • Hamilton SuperCrawl
  • Celebration of Music
  • Southern Ontario Churches
  • Sounds of the Season
  • Royal Botanical Gardens
  • Brantford Jazz Festival
  • Acoustic Blend Cafe
  • Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice
  • Circle Square Ranch
  • The Corktown Pub
  • Little Shop of Horrors Stageshow
  • Private Weddings
  • OSCA Leaders and Innovation Conference
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Session Work

Perfect for your next recording session whether it be rocking out or playing some smooth jazz.

  • Remote Recording

    Working out of ADS Media with access to a professional recording facility. Tracks packaged for you usually within 1-2 days depending on the intensity of the song and prior commitments. All packages come with raw files and files with light EQ.

  • Professional Equipment

    An assortment of drum kits and necessary equipment available to create the sound you are looking for.

  • Clients/Broadcast

    • APM Music
    • CTV / Bellmedia
    • HAUS Publishing
    • Golf Channel
    • The Weather Network
    • Storm Hunters
    • Ontario Tourism
    • Kingsview Financial

Equipment Includes:

  • Drum Kits

    • 7 Piece 2017 Gretch Catalina Maple
    • Shell sizes
    • Toms 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”,
    • Snare 14” 8 Lug
    • Bass Drum 22”
    • 5 Piece Wells Custom
    • Shell Sizes
    • Toms 10” 12” 16”
    • Snare 14”
    • Bass Drum 21”
    • 4 Piece Wells Custom Jazz Kit
    • Toms 10”, 12”, 14”
    • Snare Varies*
    • Bass Drum 18”



    • Roland Octapad (with MainStage adaptation)
  • Snare Drums

    • 14” Pearl Picalo Free Floating snare
    • 14/6.5” Espionage Snare Drum



    • 16” Meinl Byzance Extra Dry Thin Hi Hats
    • 19” Meinl Byzance Extra Dry Thin Crash
    • 20” Meinl Byzance Dual Crash Ride


    • 14” Toca Djembe
    • Meinl Headliner Cajon
    • Mark Tree
    • Cow Bells
    • Meinl Signature Shakers

Drum Lessons

Quality private drums lesson from award winning drummer Kurtis Vandevrie. Offering lesson for beginner and intermediate students.

  • Instructing Experience

    Teaching students for more than 4 years, with over 10 years of drumming experience and 6 years of in school training.

  • Areas of Focus

    Together we'll focus areas such as proper stick holding technique, drum kit knowledge, how to read drum notation, playing in a band, rudiments, fills and studio session experience.

  • Professional Environment

    Lessons are taught in a professional working studio. Every three months, one lesson will be devoted to recording in a professional recording studio. with top of the line equipment.

Close attention to detail is an essential part of creating an individual drum lesson plan for each student to accomplish their musical goals in a relaxed learning atmosphere.

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KVJazz Entertainment

Since 2017, KVJazz Entertainment, has been providing the Golden Horse Shoe with Jazz music, holding strong to the roots of traditional jazz, while incorporating modern day techniques and styles. Comprised of recent Mohawk College graduates Kurtis Vandevrie(Drums), Nick Rhodes(Guitar) Spencer Devolin(Bass). The Trio has plays events including private parties, corporate dinners, weddings, and festivals. Their friendly personalities mixed with their incredible musical skills are known to create exciting yet professional performances, ready to take your event to the next level in every capacity.



*starting at
  • Good for small intimate venues
  • Includes Bass, Drums and your choice of Guitar or Piano
  • Most Affordable



*starting at
  • For big events/show stoppers
  • Includes Bass, Drums, Guitar, Piano and Sazophone
  • Most engaging

*Actual price may vary depending on time of year and length of performance
*All packages include travel within Hamilton, ON


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